The Global PropTech Confidence Index is the experts' view on the future of the market.


MetaProp publishes the Global PropTech Confidence Index twice a year to provide the global community with the most up-to- date insights from startup CEOs and capital investors regarding the PropTech innovation ecosystem.

MetaProp Advisors' Global PropTech Research also  provides fundamental insights and analysis for clients and the PropTech community worldwide. Covering the real estate value chain in regions around the world, our research reports help investors, startup entrepreneurs and traditional real estate company executives better understand the issues and trends that affect their PropTech investments, markets and businesses.

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Q4 2017 Global PropTech Confidence Index


Q4 2017 Summary FIndings

  • Respondents to the survey increased by 175% from Q2 2017 to Q4 2017.

  • 86% of PropTech startup CEOs expect their space to be more competitive in 2018, compared to 2017, up from 76% in Q2 2017.

  • 76% of investors are expecting to see more pitches from PropTech companies in 2018, compared to 2017, up from 62% in Q2 2017.

  • 31% of investors are making investments past the Series A level, up from 19% in Q2 2017.

  • 48% of startup CEO survey respondents are headquartered outside the United States, an all-time high, up from 30% in Q2 2017.

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Q2 2017 Global PropTech Confidence Index



Q2 2017 Summary FIndings

  • 76% of Investor respondents expect to see more M&A activity in the upcoming 12 months compared to the previous 12 months, up significantly from 57% in Q4 2016

  • 24% of Startup respondents reported between $500K - $2M in total revenue to date, a major increase from the 9% that fell in this revenue range in Q4 2016, indicating high revenue growth and rapid startup maturation

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Q4 2016 Global PropTech Confidence Index



Q4 2016 Summary FIndings

  • Overall, the Q4 2016 Investors’ Index was 8.2, up from 8.0 in Q2 2016, while the Q4 2016 Startups’ Index was 6.6, up from 5.4 in Q2 2016.

  • 92% of PropTech investors expect to match or exceed the number of investments in 2017 compared to 2016, demonstrating confidence in the growing PropTech sector.

  • 57% of investors expect to see more M&A activity in 2017, as recently seen in the VTS-Hightower merger, which many consider the tip of the PropTech M&A iceberg.

  • 63% of startups are forecasting at least 2X revenues or more for 2017, compared to their 2016 numbers, demonstrating strong sales growth optimism.

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Q2 2017 Global PropTech Confidence Index




  • Investors are significantly more confident about the real estate tech market than entrepreneurs

  • Investors and startups both expect the market to get more competitive—except for finance & investment and consumer / broker tech

  • Investors are leaning in, but entrepreneurs (particularly on the West Coast) are very skeptical of funding availability and exit opportunities

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