RE200 Mentor Program Requirements

As a mentor with MetaProp NYC, you'll be working with the best and brightest real estate technology companies at a critical moment in their growth trajectory. All of our mentors take this commitment very seriously and embody these 7 characteristics of great mentors:

  • Domain Expertise & Deep Experience - You've had diverse and broad experience in your industry of area of subject matter expertise.
  • Urgency - You're incredibly responsive and readily make time for your mentee. There are only 22 weeks in the program, so every day counts. We will start the clock ticking the minute the program begins and we put relentless pressure on the teams to focus on company growth. 
  • Quality of Input - You dive deep with a company, and get down and dirty with the product, business, customers, and financials. You're not afraid to be honest and offer constructive feedback that is easily actionable. You openly offer introductions to potential customers, can be the critical difference for an early stage startups’ success.
  • Commitment - You get involved day 1 of the program and stay involved until the end. 
  • The Socratic Approach - You don't force an opinion onto a founder. Rather, you ask thoughtful questions and let them get there on their own.
  • A Build it Together Mentality - You make introductions where appropriate or offer to spend some time refining the projections without asking for anything in return. A great mentor isn’t going to say “sure, I’ll make that intro for you, but I want x% of the sale”. This kind of approach is okay, AFTER the program ends. 
  • Confidentiality - Please remember that much of what you’ll be exposed to is highly confidential. Do not discuss the mentee business without the company’s permission.

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RE200 Mentor Program FAQ

How many RE200 mentors are assigned to each MetaProp NYC portfolio company?
Each portfolio company is matched with no fewer than two RE200 mentors.

Do I need to sign an RE200 Mentor Pledge? 
Yes, all mentors are required to sign the one-page pledge to ensure clear expectations and commitments.

Where will the program be held?
The program itself, and the bulk of the meetings and events, will happen at MetaProp NYC’s offices. We have office spaces and conference rooms available for your meetings with your team(s).

How are RE200 mentors matched to companies?
Our team matches each start-up with its two primary mentors. You have total control over the depth and intensity of the mentoring relationship subject to your commitments as outlined in the RE200 Mentor Pledge. 

What’s my role as a mentor?
You should be providing:

  • Strategic guidance, such as
    • Business model feedback
    • Identifying and correcting gaps in the founding team’s business knowledge and understanding
    • Product feedback
  • Tactical guidance, such as:
    • Connections to other people “Why don’t you call X? Let me introduce you."
    • Pushing your team out of the building and into the marketplace, to aggressively validate assumptions. Have your rolodex ready, so the teams can quickly get their concepts validated in the real world.
    • Ensure your team is not simply hearing what they want to hear from their research. Challenge them on the conclusions they’re drawing, and the assumptions they’re making.