Back to All Events LIVE: Retail Location Analysis and Acquisition Technology

Historically retailers have depended on prime real estate to guarantee their dominance but today, with the proliferation of multichannel options available to consumers, location and flashy signs alone are not enough. Retail real estate decision makers must employ sound analytics and learn to rely on quickly evolving, often confusing, technology to make profitable investments.

What are the most innovative technologies that are disrupting retail real estate and how do forward-thinking professionals integrate them into legacy processes? This special event examines site selection, predictive models and the interrelationships between mobile, social media and brick and mortar. Join leading real estate experts to discuss the new retail landscape and how to use technology to improve operational efficiencies and customer experiences.

Who should attend?

• Retail real estate brokers

• Directors of retail real estate

• Tenant brokers

• Landlord brokers

• Corporate real estate advisors