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Modern property management is at a crossroads where old methodologies meet new efficiencies and improved levels of customer service via technology. Commercial property management is a face-to-face business. So how does our increasing ability to monitor and respond to issues remotely sync up with traditional hands-on expectations?

To keep up with today’s 24/7 mode of work, smart landlords and service teams are using industry specific software tools and apps to increase productivity and efficiency. Technologies are assisting in all parts of our day, whether it’s remote meeting capabilities, lease renewals, tenant communication or virtual building tours. As owners and tenants adopt technology is every area of their lives, they expect it in their building operations as well.

Who should attend?

• Vice presidents of property management

• Portfolio managers

• Directors of real estate

• Directors of real estate operations

• Directors of real estate services

• Corporate real estate managers

• Commercial property managers

• Building managers

• Commercial landlords