Back to All Events LIVE: Commercial Real Estate Brokers as Change Agents

Today’s real estate broker is essentially a business consultant with real estate experience but how sustainable is that? While the traditional value of a broker is market intelligence and comps, those things are now easily available to the masses. In addition to ubiquitous information, the relationship between physical and virtual spaces is changing the business and even the demand for real estate.

So how do you make money when everyone has easy access to all the information? The only way is to reinvent your role before the marketplace does it for you. Fortunately for innovative brokers, there are groundbreaking new technologies and best practices that can help you transform your real estate business and increase your value and productivity. If you want to be a change agent, don’t miss this event.

Who should attend?

• Commercial real estate brokers

• Agency brokers

• Tenant brokers

• Landlord brokers

• Corporate real estate advisors